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AG Flux launches In-Flux Seasonal Series - Just Enough Music Just Enough Music

AG Flux launches In-Flux Seasonal Series

By Josh Warner on Dec 06, 2017 in New Music , News , songs - 0 Comments

AG Flux has been consistently releasing quality projects over the years and has somehow managed to stay under the radar. Whether rocking with his former crew Black Mask (Maulskull, Alex Knox), collaborating with Denver artists Fo Chief and A.V.I.U.S or releasing self-produced solo records, he never skips a beat…quite literally. AG Flux has produced various well received albums (How Cliché, Potatoes & Gravyand approaches the mic with thoughtful, insightful lyrics. Recently off of tour with Evanoff, AG Flux is currently releasing some fire instrumental tracks for his In-Flux Seasonal Series which you can find here.

In addition, his new self-produced solo album Accompanied by Solitude will be ready for launch this spring with visuals to match. Its a rare occasion to find a producer/emcee these days that can really push the boundaries on both ends of the spectrum. Its clearly evident that AG Flux owns his unique style of hip-hop and its a breath of fresh air for heads who yearn for substance though are ready for a distinctive sound that transcends the confinements of classic Boom Bap.  Check out some tasty tunes below and follow AG Flux here for new music and show updates.


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