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Bullhead*ded - "Snuffed" Produced by Maulskull (Music Video) - Just Enough Music Just Enough Music

Bullhead*ded – “Snuffed” Produced by Maulskull (Music Video)

By Josh Warner on May 18, 2017 in Music Videos , News - 0 Comments


Bullhead*ded is a Colorado Springs based underground hip-hop group and long time local favorite consisting of ZETfree, Nato and Che-Bong. From the studio to the stage Bullhead*ded has continued to produce quality, thoughtful music over the years and throw a powerful, engaging live set. “Snuffed” is the first Single from Bullhead*ded’s upcoming album Brazen and surprisingly, the first official music video from the group. The beat was produced by Maulskull and Don Fausto directed video. The production here definitely gives off a wild western, lone ranger kind of vibe which compliments the video’s concept and leaves the listener eager to hear more. Put yourself in the mind of a lost soul trying to make sense of modern day struggles only to ultimately discover the only constant in life: death. My advice to you, enjoy the ride and follow your heart until the day that flame is finally snuffed out. Download the song here.


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