Che-Bong Album Release Show Recap at The Black Sheep

By Josh Warner on Feb 02, 2018 in Events , Hip-Hop , News - 1 Comment

Che-Bong delivered a passionate, inspirational performance accompanied by an enthusiastic audience for the release of Telescope to the Heavens. One of the most essential ingredients for a successful Hip-Hop show is stage presence. Che-Bong moved the crowd with ease while navigating through his set and gracefully executed track after track, keeping the energy high and tight.  One of the main highlights of the night was when Che-Bong performed the track “Rust”.  A strong sense of community was clearly present throughout the show. Toofly Hisyd properly hosted the event in charismatic fashion, introducing an all-star local line-up which kept a full room of fans and music lovers thoroughly engaged. In addition to many well received performances, Kind Dub had the opportunity to film Bullhead*ded’s upcoming music video “Sorry for the Bad Dancing”, which will be released later this year.

Che Bong’s Telescope to the Heavens album release show was an action packed night full of face melting raps, sweaty emcees and horrible dance moves (with the addition of some of that B-Boy flare for taste). Stoney Bertz kicked off the night with some heavy bars and Just ova Broke kept the party moving with a funky solo set. Travellers Music performed some new joints off their upcoming album Judgment Day and warmed the stage for Maulskull, who reminded us how to connect with with a crowd on an intimate level while still managing weed out any fuck boy in sight. Purchase a physical copy of Telescope to the heavens here or stream on spotify. Till next time. Cheers.


TooFly HiSyd February 15th, 2018

The only thing I would have done different would be having a fulltime DJ on stage with me. But with talent like this, you don’t even need a DJ. Everyone showed up and showed out. A great night od Hip Hop and raw artistry. Thank you for this.

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