Family Ties Vol. 2 Provides Dynamic Platform for Hip-Hop and Visual Arts

By Josh Warner on Sep 26, 2018 in Events , Hip-Hop , News , Premiere - 0 Comments

Family Ties Vol. 2: A Hip-Hop and Visual Arts Experience puts diversity and creativity center stage at Your Moms House on 9/13.  After AG Flux introduced the second line-up of performing artists and painters the party was officially commenced.  Powerful performances dominated the stage all night, while Zach Mckinnon, Sebastian Pierre and Arleigh Johnson blessed the floor with some beautiful live painting.

Mike Wird invited fellow collaborator Shiloh Damacela to the stage to perform “Au-Revior” of his upcoming album EVE. Babah Fly had the opportunity to premier his new music video for “Really Real Life” and AG Flux performed the title track “Accompanied By Solitude” off his upcoming album set be released this December. In addition,  Travellers Music performed “I don’t Know Why” off their upcoming vinyl release, Judgment Day— featuring guest appearances from Blueprint and Mr. Lif.  The audience was thoroughly engaged and embraced the Family Ties formula: A round-robin format, where each act performs 2 songs and passes the mic, providing an equal playing field for all performing artists by effectively eliminating headliners.

DJ’s 4th Eye and Furbie Cakes kept the party moving all night and provided some nice cuts to compliment the evenings performances. After the the music video premier for Babah Fly’s “Really Real Life” the stage was open up for a family cypher including various appearances from the whole line-up.  The crew took turns exchanging some heavy off-the-top bars over original beats accompanied by some live MPC chops from Just Enough Food.  4th Eye closed out the night with a series of classic funk/dance breaks while the ladies of the evening swarmed the floor to celebrate this beautiful thing we call life.

Dan Hennan provided projection visuals during the evening and effortlessly mixed some beautiful imagery alongside the Family Ties logo. In retrospect, Family Ties Vol. 2 exceeded expectations; However, the creators are looking forward to doing it even bigger in the future. Family Ties Vol. 3: A Hip-Hop and Visual Arts Experience will be hosted at Your Moms House on Thursday November 1st. The full line-up will be announce first week of October.


Live Art – (Top Zach Mckinnon, Bottom right left Arleigh Johnson, bottom left) All live performance photos taken by Zac Bloom.  Visual artists, Painters, DJ’s and Emcees who are interested in being apart of future Family Ties events please email for consideration.


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