JustEnoughMusic.com and AG Flux Present Family Ties: A Hip-Hop and Visual Arts Experience

By Josh Warner on Mar 28, 2018 in Events , News - 0 Comments

Josh Warner, co-founder of Travellers Music and owner of justenoughmusic.com and solo artist Alex Gage (AG Flux) have teamed up together to launch Family Ties: A Hip-Hop and Visual Arts Experience.  This bimonthly event will be a mutual effort to bridge the gap between Hip-Hop and Visual Art in order to bring like-minded creatives together that may have otherwise never crossed paths. The format for Family Ties will include 4 hip-hop acts per show performing in a round-a-bout carousel fashion, a scenario where set times are effectively eliminated.  Each Family Ties event will also have featured visual artists (Video/Mixed media) who will be creating and/or displaying live art, on the spot. When asked about the concept for Family Ties, Josh Warner mentioned “We believe this new format will keep the audience engaged and plant the seed for more of a community based event, where artists share the same spotlight and fans/music enthusiasts are more inclined to hear new music.  In addition, the installment of live art will truly provide a more interactive experience for all parties involved.”  The line-up for the first Family Ties event on 5/3 will be announced later next week. Emcees, DJ’s and visual artists that are interested in being apart of future Family Ties events please email justenoughfood@gmail.com or agflux@gmail.com.

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