Maulskull Shares New Visuals for “Martyr” off Upcoming Album ‘Unamazing Grace’

By Josh Warner on Mar 21, 2018 in Events , Hip-Hop , Music Videos , News - 0 Comments

Maulskull recently released some new visuals for “Martyr” off his upcoming album Unamazing Grace. Anderson Flicks directed the music video for this self-produced track and it will be the last single we hear before his official album release this spring.  Over the years Maulskull has surely made his mark in the underground hip-hop community touring nationally alongside acts such as Sadistik, Cage, DJ Abilities and Louis Logic. In addition, Maulskull performed the entire summer on Warped Tour in 2012 and has produced countless tracks for many underground artists. “Martyr” showcases his dreamy, hypnotic production and captivating lyrics, which are as inviting as they are engaging. This is definitely a statement track that exemplifies Maulskull’s uncanny ability to connect with the listener on a personal level. Maulskull has a distinctive way of navigating through some intense, self-reflection here with some powerful lines like “I wonder if I will ever be the same/When I’ve abandon who I am/And still the memory remains/The blood is on my hands and I could never clean the stains/And I’ve been running out of enemies to blame.”  When asked about his thoughts on Unamazing Grace Maulskull stated, “I guess this whole new album is a complete change for me and a step in a new direction from what I’ve always done. But its been challenging and difficult to get so personal on each track.” Anderson Flicks executed the concept for the music video extremely well and the drone shots were a nice touch. Unamazing Grace will be released later this spring and has guest features from Sadistik, Kno (Cunninlynguists), Yes Alexander and AG Flux. Download “Martyr” for free here and watch Maulskull perform live alongside AG Flux and Just Enough Food at Your Mom’s House in Denver on 5/3 for the first installment of Family Ties: A Hip-Hop and Visual Arts Experience or 6/15 with Travellers Music at Larimer Lounge.

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