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Just Enough Food – album release

    Whiskey Blanket Prepares to Release New Album Thick As Thieves

    Whiskey Blanket will be releasing their new album Thick As Thieves Saturday, December 23rd at The Ogden Theater alongside The Living Legends and Hieroglyphics for the 11th annual How the Grouch Stole Christmas tour. The multi talented-trio has been wrecking sets while incorporating violin, cello and turntablism into their extraordinary theatrical performance for over a decade.  Whiskey Blanket is truly a Listen & Read More

    Insomiaks Drop New Visuals for “Culture Shock”


    Insomniaks (Six O’ Clock x Contact x Jus-1) have been making noise on the underground hip-hop circuit since the mid 90’s. Rob G filmed and edited the new video for “Culture Shock” off their 6th studio album which was produced by Monsta Mike. This joint definitely has a west coast vibe with that G-Funk synth
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    Colorful Colorado: Photographer David Iwane Releases his 2018 Calendar

    David Iwane has been taking breathtaking nature and landscape shots of Colorado for over a decade.  Always armed with his camera, he continues to explore new ground and capture awe-inspiring photos which have been featured by Pretty Lights, Buzzfeed and Westword. A jack of all trades, David has also done graphic design work for many prominent musical acts. Whether producing Read More

    AG Flux launches In-Flux Seasonal Series

    AG Flux has been consistently releasing quality projects over the years and has somehow managed to stay under the radar. Whether rocking with his former crew Black Mask (Maulskull, Alex Knox), collaborating with Denver artists Fo Chief and A.V.I.U.S or releasing self-produced solo records, he never skips a beat…quite literally. AG Flux has produced various well received albums (How Cliché, Potatoes & GravyListen & Read More

    Denver’s Hottest Hip-Hop Event of the Summer – Friday, July 28th presents hip-hop on the beach at Lost Lake Lounge Friday, July 28th. Come out and catch a full night of pure, unadulterated hip-hop and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen…cause these cats are sure to bring the heat. Performances by Six O’ Clock, S.T.O.I.C., Your Relatives, TMC, Newce and Travellers Music are sure to make the body rock.  This will be the premier independent hip-hop showcase of the summer so gear up and step inside the cypher. Join the festivities and share the event. Hit up your favorite local emcees for discount pre-sale tickets or purchase them online here. Travellers Music will be performing 3 unreleased tracks off their upcoming vinyl release Judgement Day and making a huge announcement you definitely won’t want to miss the night of the show.

    Bananas in Pajamas ft. ICE C.R.E.A.M. and TMC produced by Moxicar

    Check out this dope collaboration between ICE C.R.E.A.M and TMC.  Download this track for free here and catch Denver hip-hop artist TMC perform Friday July 28th at Lost Lake Lounge alongside Travellers Music and friends.


    “Right Now” – Six O’clock ft. Bvggz and Jus-1 Produced by Cheff Premier

    “Right Now” is the first single from Rebel Historian, the latest solo release by Six O’clock. Cheff Premier produced a mesmerizing boom-bap style beat which truly sets the tone for some dope, reflective rhymes by all parties involved. This video definitely has an old-school, throwback feel that was executed extremely well by director (and person you should know) Jeremy Pape. “If you don’t know, now you know!” – Biggie Smalls voice. On another note, Six O’clock does a great job of reminiscing on his past hardships while staying true to himself in the process.  The ultimate message throughout this track is one of perseverance, dedication and the inherent need to keep good friends and family in your circle.   Rebel Historian is currently streaming on all major digital platforms. Download “Right Now” here.

    Travellers Music and Friends Burn the House Down at Larimer Lounge


    Just Enough Food’s much anticipated album release show for Glory Days was one hell of a party. Travellers Music and Just Enough Food performed to a nearly sold out crowd at Larimer Lounge Friday April 7th. The audience was enthusiastic and thoroughly engaged by all of the evenings hip-hop performances. Powerful sets from Jason 6′ o clock, Your Relatives, Kind Dub, Newce and Sarca$t gracefully moved the party along while Alex Knox dominated the turntables in between sets, beat juggling and mixing classics. The spirit of hip-hop culture was alive and well. Shout out to B. fresh Gear and Kind Dub for sponsoring the event and all beautiful faces that joined the party! Till next time

    Bullhead*ded – “Snuffed” Produced by Maulskull (Music Video)


    Bullhead*ded is a Colorado Springs based underground hip-hop group and long time local favorite consisting of ZETfree, Nato and Che-Bong. From the studio to the stage Bullhead*ded has continued to produce quality, thoughtful music over the years and throw a powerful, engaging live set. “Snuffed” is the first Single from Bullhead*ded’s upcoming album Brazen and surprisingly, the first official music video from the group. The beat was produced by Maulskull and Don Fausto directed video. The production here definitely gives off a wild western, lone ranger kind of vibe which compliments the video’s concept and leaves the listener eager to hear more. Put yourself in the mind of a lost soul trying to make sense of modern day struggles only to ultimately discover the only constant in life: death. My advice to you, enjoy the ride and follow your heart until the day that flame is finally snuffed out. Download the song here.


    Just Enough Food – Album release show

    Just Enough Food’s much anticipated album release for Glory Days is right around the corner. This 11 track self-produced album will take you on an introspective journey through the mind of an old soul coming to terms with various life changing events.  4th Eye from Travellers Music produced The Phone Call featuring Newce and Alltrueistic. Ag Flux co-produced Vincent Watch His Van Go and also laid down a feverish verse. Sponsored by Kind Dub and B. Fresh clothing, this event is surely going to come close to selling out at the door. Come join the party Friday April 7th at Larimer Lounge in Denver and don’t forget to check out all the dope artists on the lineup. Rumor has it Travellers Music will be performing some brand new tracks to close out the night. Buckle up.

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