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Just Enough Food - Storyteller - Just Enough Music Just Enough Music

Just Enough Food – Storyteller

    All guitar, drums & synth were arranged and produced in Logic Pro. After finishing this EP I started using samples in the majority of my songs and my work flow has since been centered around the MPC 1000. I have recently embarked on a new found passion for exploring international music of all genres, especially soundtrack and library music, primarily from the 60s and 70s. The production of my next project will be a reflection of all of these wonderful new sounds and has a more distinct, abstract, hard hitting, old-school, hip-hop feel.

    Prior to recording the “Storyteller” EP I knew I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and experiment with various vocal arrangements, breakdowns and guitar. As a musician, these were my guiding principles. The lyrics for the most part are straight forward as I wanted to focus more on the delivery and truly capture the way I felt at within a particular moment. Swinging back and forth from abrasive and emotionally distraught to subtle moments of absolute clarity, this work exemplifies the nature of attempting to balance multiple extremes.

    Fighting drugs with pain, resorting to the bottle instead of dealing with emotions in a reasonable manner. Long-term relationship, slow death. Constantly making the same mistakes in an orderly fashion. I had to break free to prove to myself I am capable of controlling my own destiny. Even if that means nearly killing myself in the process. This project wasn’t written and recorded to entertain. My primary goal with this whole music thing is to explore new ideas and evolve as an writer, musician and become a better person in the process. Thanks for listening.

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