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Just Enough Food - Voyager - Just Enough Music Just Enough Music

Just Enough Food – Voyager

    Voyager is the product of years spent experimenting with various synthesizers and sound design. I have always wanted to produce an electro album since being introduced to composers such as (Tangerene Dream, Vangelis, Brain Eno, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Micheal Jarre, ect.) It was important to perform the synthesizer and modulate filters in a live setting to give this album a more natural feel. The Majority of this project was performed and looped with the exception of a few samples throughout. I am usually accustomed to producing hip-hop ranging from 85-95 BPM; therefore, I wanted to find interesting ways to weave synthetic elements over a familiar tempo.

    After the recording process, it became clear that Voyager would be much more than a modern day electro-hop album but the soundtrack to science fiction film that has yet to be directed. David Iwane had listened to the tracks I had compiled for the album and we shared various ideas about the direction of the art work and title (which was still undecided at this point) I had faith he would produce something great and final design was hypnotizing and really gave new meaning to the project. Voyager became a story and the songs came to life and became chapters. Don’t be afraid to search for something greater beyond the stars. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

    -Just Enough Food

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